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Your Weight Loss Plan

September 21st, 2015 | by American Association
Your Weight Loss Plan
Exercise & Fitness

Are you ready to lose weight? You’ll boost your chances for success by making a realistic, achievable plan. Remember to pick a few realistic goals – maybe start with one change in your diet and one physical activity change.

Remember to take it one step at a time, and to stay patient. Permanent weight loss won’t happen over night! Make your plan as specific as possible. Use the outline below as a guide.

Where am I now?

Example: I am 40 pounds over my desired weight.

Here’s what I’ll do to start working toward weight loss:


  1. I’ll take a 30-minute brisk walk 5 days a week at lunchtime.
  2. I’ll switch to diet soda and water instead of drinking regular soda and sweet tea.

Here’s when I’ll do it:


  1. During the week, I’ll walk for 30 minutes during my lunch hour.
  2. Every meal – and between.

Here’s what I need to get ready:


  1. I’ll need comfortable walking shoes.
  2. I’ll need to buy diet sodas.

This might get in the way of my plan:


  1. If it’s raining, I won’t be able to walk outside.
  2. I might run out of diet soda.

If that happens, I’ll do this instead:


  1. I’ll go to the recreation center and walk around inside.
  2. I’ll plan ahead to make sure that I don’t run out or I can drink water instead.

Here’s when I’ll start:

Example: I’ll start working toward both of these goals on Monday.

Here’s how I’ll reward myself (try to stay away from rewards that involve food):

Example: I’ll go to the movies if I stick to my plan for the next month.

Once you’ve reached your first goals, set more!

Example of next steps:

  • I will walk for 40 minutes instead of just 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  • I will change my afternoon snack from cookies to fruit.

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