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Why am I sick – and how should we proceed?

September 29th, 2015 | by Finnish Association
Why am I sick – and how should we proceed?
Lefestyle changes

Diabetes Doctor Vuokko Kallioniemi, Diabetes Association

Type 2 diabetes is a rapidly growing disease in the world. In Finland, there has been diagnosed approximately 300 000 people with type 2 diabetes, and it is estimated that around 200 000 suffers from diabetes type 2 without knowing it. In addition, there is a large number of people who have an increased risk of developing diabetes in the next few years. The increase of type 2 diabetes is associated with the general rise in the standard of living, weight gain and a decrease in physical activity.


There are many factors in the background

Type 2 diabetes is strongly inherited disease. Type 2 diabetes will be appeared in the nearby relatives of 40 per cent – in some families it is likelihood up to 70 percent – fall ill with the same illness in their life. Several genes are associated with susceptibility to disease.

The tendency to weight gain is inherited, as well as where is unused energy stored: in the central body or in the whole body in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Accumulated in the visceral fat is in the abdomen, where they are surrounded also the soft tissue and the internal organs, such as liver cells and pancreatic cells.

The abdomen – especially around the liver – this fat weakens the effect of insulin and thereby increases the patient’s insulin requirements. This, however, is not yet causes diabetes, but it is also necessary to cumulate with other factors.

Also, pancreatic insulin secretion is programmed by the function of genes. Diabetics have inherited characteristic signs that the pancreas is unable to respond to the increased need for insulin, and insulin secretion begins to fade. It is a progressive situation which leads to an increase in blood sugar level and the onset of diabetes.

For some, diabetes can occur without significant overweight when insulin secretion is reduced significantly.


Metabolic syndrome

Type 2 diabetes is often a part of metabolic syndrome. It also includes the accumulating visceral obesity and elevated blood glucose levels. In diabetic patients you can also see a propensity to rise in blood pressure, abnormal blood fats and increased blood coagulation factors. In some cases it is also increased the level of urate in blood stream and it causes joint symptoms of gout.

All of these changes in the metabolism of the body burden of large arteries, including the coronary arteries, cerebral arteries and lower extremities arteries. Therefore, effective and good care of all of these areas is necessary in order to avoid cardiac and cerebral infarctions and lower limb circulatory disturbance.


The disease can be prevented by lifestyle

The life style is important, because it has a large impact on how our genes work. The study of diabetes prevention which claim that the lifestyle changes can help your organism to be healthy were performed in Finland in the 1990s. It was performed with a very reasonable and attainable goals. The diet was reduced by the use of fibers and animal fats. Sports goal was about four hours of exercise per week.

Weight of participate people in the survey fell to 3-5 pounds for about three years. The incidence of diabetes was reduced by these measures 58 per cent. The people who has changed their lifestyle during the study, were still seven years after, 43 percent less diabetes compared with those whose lifestyle did not change.

When the experts investigated the subjects of heritage, it was discovered that due to genetic factors, the greatest risk is from the change in the lifestyle more than the lesser danger. Particularly interesting information was that the lifestyle change was supported by the preservation of pancreatic insulin secretion. This means that even after the illness itself can influence how quickly the disease progresses and also the need for treatment is increasing.

Changes in lifestyle had a beneficial effect on the blood pressure and blood fats. Based on studies it is also known that smoking with a large amount of alcohol consumption has an adverse impact on all components of metabolic syndrome. Therefore, smoking and the reasonableness of the use of alcohol are part of the drug-good self-care.


Good and effective treatment is important

Diabetes is a permanent and progressive disease. Therefore, with the remediation of lifestyle is not possible to completely avoid the need for medication. Treatment outcomes of blood glucose, blood pressure and blood fats are defined as an individual person’s overall situation.

Treatments with special medication are important to prevent diabetes – especially with related complications, such as cardiovascular, eye and kidney diseases, as well as related foot problems with nerve damage. Regular monitoring by diabetes nurse and in the family doctor’s offices, as well as the necessary laboratory tests are necessary to ensure the success of the treatment. Good care helps in maintaining good life quality in spite of diabetes.

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