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What is diabetic kidney disease?

September 4th, 2015 | by Danish Association
What is diabetic kidney disease?

If you have small elevated amounts of albumen in the urine, there will be set a treatment of diabetic kidney disease in progress. Treatment is lifelong, and it is initiated early to prevent further development of kidney disease. The treatment will be started regardless of your blood pressure level.

The excretion of albumin used with blood pressure to assess how good is the treatment of kidney disease.


Medical treatment of kidney disease occurs with certain medications that lower blood pressure. Workshops blood pressure lowering medications protect the kidneys and lead to that the content of the albumen in the urine are reduced.

Blood sugar and blood pressure plays a vital role in the treatment of diabetic kidney disease. If you can keep your blood sugar down and blood pressure to a normal level, the loss of kidney function much slower.

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