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Towards to the high peaks

September 15th, 2015 | by Danish Association
Towards to the high peaks
Exercise & Fitness

Ever since the 47-year-old police commissioner Ehm Christensen from Korsor got type 1 diabetes 20 years ago, he has been concerned that diabetes should not limit his life and desire for physical challenges. Climbing mountains is one of them. After thorough preparations he ascended the French mountain Mont Blanc’s 4,810 meters in 2009. In February this year he raised the bar in more than one sense and could enjoy the view from Argentina Aconcagua heady 6,992 meters. Kraftanstrengelsen against the summit in Argentina was accompanied by up to 200 blood glucose measurements and German, durable black bread in the backpack.

By Thomas la Cour, journalist at the Danish Diabetes Association.
The article is from the member magazine May 2012.

Mont -Blanc

It’s his case to transport insulin when the temperature swings between day 35 degrees of heat and the night’s 20 degrees Celsius.Especially when you have to bring consumption to four weeks in the wilderness. But a thermos bottle and a waterproof bag worn close to the body performed the task. At night everything should be stored in the bag.

– The others in the group could enjoy the soft mats, but every night I lay in an orderly heap of junk, says Ehm Christensen.

The closer to the goal, the thinner the air gets. At the top of Aconcagua is the oxygen content in the air just 40 percent compared to the foot of the mountain. Every step is a spurt in the final steps. But further down there are great demands on physics.

Mont -Blanc -2

– One has a more or less constant pulse of over 120 throughout the day to be eaten and drunk all the time and you are very tired when you rest. I made sure that my blood sugar all the time was a bit higher than normal, so I reduced the risk of low blood sugar, says Ehm Christensen.

Ehm remembers only one crisis along the way to the top of Aconcagua – and it was technical. His traveling companion, Klaus, who is diabetic, had exactly the same portfolio of insulin and blood glucose monitoring equipment along for the ride, so Ehm could lose its entire inventory without being in danger. But at some point he would change needles in both lancing at the same time.

Mont -Blanc -3

– I had pulled the pins out and then discovered that I had not gotten new ones. A security system meant that the old needles could not be replaced. I was really in trouble and about to turn back. I intended to measure blood glucose with insulin pen, if I found a solution.Luckily there was a dentist with an interest in precision engineering in the group, so he rigged needles in place in finger dots.

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