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Sweets and our taste

September 18th, 2015 | by Norwegian Association
Sweets and our taste
Diet Guides

Sweet taste without energy can lead to overeating

Experiments showed that if you eat or drink something sweet before a meal, your appetite is increased. This applies for both sugar and sweeteners, and there is the taste of sweets that trigger appetite increase. Sweeteners have a stronger effect. Glucose and aspartame are the sweetener that give the most increase in appetite.

Sweeteners can also influence our food intake via the brain’s reward systems. When we eat, it is released hormone dopamine which gives us a sense of joy and wellbeing. Artificial sweeteners do not activate this system to the same extent as natural sweeteners. Animals and people are used to sweet the foods and if you do not get the coveted reward via dopamine stimulating system then you eat more. Since all sweeteners, natural or artificial, acting on the same receptors, this effect will apply for all intense sweeteners.

This effect may vary between individuals, and it is therefore important to be aware of if you feel increased craving or increased appetite by using sweeteners.

Cravings can be ungovernable

It is also true that all sweeteners amplify cravings and addictions, simply because they are desirable. Repeated exposure to something strengthen our taste preferences, and it is showed that if the levels of sugar declines over several weeks, it is also reduced preferences for sweet foods.

And because we are creatures of habit, and to wean the knowledge that there is some needs for sweet, can be a major and right step towards to better health. Soft drinks account for the most of the use of sweeteners, and it could be a good habit to diluting these drinks with soda and so it could be a good investment in your own health.

A smart step in the right direction is to mix the sweet or sweetened drinks with carbonated water, and gradually increase the amount of water and so you get used to a lower level of sweetness. Water is still the best for thirst quencher.

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