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Strength Exercises

September 14th, 2015 | by Danish Association
Strength Exercises
Exercise & Fitness

Below is a list of different strength exercises you can do at home on the floor or outside on the grass. Click on the link or image to go to a page with a detailed description of how you are doing the exercise correctly so that you get the most from it.

Strength _rygoevelse

Lumbar and upper back

1: Lie on your stomach with your feet together, arms over his head and forehead resting on hands

2: Tighten up the pelvic floor (pull the navel to the spine) and lift your upper body up while still looking down at the floor. Lift with your elbows. Breathe out at the apex without letting go of your pelvic floor tension and slowly lower down again.

Suggestion: Make 15 repetitions (= a set) pause a moment and make 2 sets more


Strength _maveoevelse

Just abs

1: Lie on your back with bent legs. Look up at the ceiling and place arms behind the islands with elbows to the side. (Can also cross his arms in front of chest)

2: Pull your navel / span in the pelvic / stomach and try to lift shoulder blades and head off the floor without head / chin bow down to the chest. Breathe out at the apex without letting go of your pelvic floor and lower your upper body slowly back down.

Suggestions: Perform as many times as you can (set) pause a moment and make 2 sets more.

Strength _kropsstamme

Body Strain

1: Lie on the floor and place your forearms along the floor.

2:Tighten your pelvic floor, abdomen and lift the body up to the horizontal. You spans throughout the body. Try to squeeze shoulder blades apart. Hold the position as long as you can – remember to breathe along the way and then lower back down.

Suggestion: Start with keeping the position in 5- 10 seconds and increase gradually. Do this exercise 3 times.


Strength _fodled

Add, thighs and back

1: Stand with hip width distance between your feet pointing straight ahead. Bend lightly knees and place your hands on your thighs. Lean forward, push your chest forward so his back kept straight.

2: Lift up on the toes of one foot – the weight to be added in addition to the big toe. The rest of the body is stationary in the movement.Lower down on flat feet again.

3: Switch to the opposite foot Start by making the exercise at a slow pace. Tests subsequent to step up the pace. You will after a while could feel that you tire / acid in your calves and thighs.

Suggestion: Do this exercise 3 times of 1 minute duration


Strength _Baldeoevelse

The buttocks and the outside of the legs

1: Lie on your side with your back straight and arms are placed so that they are comfortable. Lean slightly forward. Have both legs bent and trying to drag his feet so that they can be seen.

2: Keep both feet together and lift the top knee as far up as you can without feet come apart and there is movement in the back.

Proposal: Make as many as you can and turn on the opposite side and low exercise for the other side.


Strength _benboejning

Thighs, hamstrings, buttocks, lower back and upper back

1: Stand with a hip distance apart and slightly bent legs. Feet pointing straight forward and the spine is straight (the chest).
– Now imagine that you have to get down and sit on a chair and up.

2: The weight placed on his heels and bum looking backward while you bend down to your legs. Try wherever possible to seek you an angle of 90 degrees. The movement held back straight by shooting chest and take arms with forward movement. If possible use. a chair to hold on to.

Suggestions: Perform as many times as you can – up to 15 repetitions. Keep a small pause (1 min) and do the exercise again. Low like the exercise 3 times with 15 repetitions.


Strength _Baekkenloeft

Pelvic Lift

1: Lie on your back with bent legs. Relax in the upper body and put his arms, so it is most comfortable.

2: Pull your navel (tighten the pelvic floor), tighten your buttocks and lift now pelvis up as high as you can. Breathe out at the apex and lower pelvis slowly back down.You will after many repetitions notice a burning fatiguing sensation in your rear thigh. This is normal and an expression of the muscles worked.

Proposal: Make 10 to 20 repetitions (one set) pause a moment and do 2 sets more.


Strength _diagonal _rygoevelse


Diagonally lift – upper back, lower back, shoulder, buttocks

1: Lie on your stomach with your forehead on the floor. The arms stretched above his head and kept so far in the islands as possible.Thumbs pointing up toward the ceiling.

2: Tighten your pelvic floor / pull your navel toward your spine and lift your left arm and right leg toward the ceiling. Remember to keep the pan in the floor and think long. Breathe out at the apex and slowly lower back down 3: Switch to the opposite side.

Suggestion: Make 15 repetitions (one set) break and make 2 sets more

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