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I left the bear on the mountain

September 23rd, 2015 | by Danish Association
I left the bear on the mountain
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René got type 2 diabetes at age 34. Weighed 125 kg before the U-Turn. Have lost 37 kg and weighs today 88 kg.
Photo: Doceye

René Birch, 38 years old. Married to June, the boys Lucas, 7, and Elijah, 2. Living in High-Taastrup. Works with both production and quality control of K-Salat and Bähncke.

By Helen H. Heidemann, journalist at the Danish Diabetes Association.
The article is from the member magazine in May 2013.

Before the U-Turn

“I have always been the thick red-haired with crooked teeth and glasses. As a child I was both in the hospital and was at the Christmas Seal of losing me. It always succeeded, but when I got home, I took it all on again. My parents were never advised how they would help me.

Therefore I know that it is about getting the whole family when you need to lose weight, and at home with us, we are in this together, June, me and the boys.

When I got diabetes, stopped June and I instantly drinking regular cola and went over to zero. We lost both of us 25 kilograms in the course of a year, but it was not enough. I weighed the 145-150 kg at beginning.

René has thrown all her medications after U-Turn: diabetes pill metformin, simvastatin for high cholesterol and aspirin.
Photo: Claus Bjorn Larsen

It should not go good that diabetes has befallen me. It’s what drives me. It happened to me also that I was not as active with my children, as I wanted to be. I could not run around with them and play football, had neither the energy nor the flexibility to it.

But I was scared shitless that this project would change me, so I was no longer the fun more. I moved out of my comfort zone (comfort zone) – away from everything that made me comfortable ”

During the U-Turn
“The hardest both physically and mentally, the trip to the Pyrenees. I broke down several times, collapsed and cried. My knees did insanely hurt, and I could not cope with the heat.

My wedding ring and my kids got me through. I had to take the wedding ring around his neck on a chain along the way because I had lost myself so much. I kept the ring when it was the worst.

I left the bear on the mountain, I did. I am more confident about myself today, I think. I abilities much more than I thought I could. ”


Wife: Now we get nausea of ​​roast pork

“I would wildly like to have been part of the U-Turn, but I have – thankfully – no chronic disease that you should have to participate. We have really changed eating habits, and it has also changed what we like. Before we loved fried bacon, but now we get almost sick. We eat a lot of hummus, chicken and beans. When children get pasta, do we perhaps strips of squash to ourselves, and meat sauce, which before was just something minced meat and once chopped tomatoes, is filled with carrots, celery and beans. ”


After U-Turn

“I quickly took five kg, after the filming of the U-Turn was finished. I had plenty of work, and there was illness in the family, so I was not exercised enough. But I have thrown them again. I go to the weight, pay attention, align and gives it a roach. Eating healthier and less, intensifying training in the center with strength training on the elliptical trainer at home and martial arts Krav Maga.

But I want a balanced life, and my life to be bearable. I fall at times now, but I will not beat myself over the head with. Instead, I try to understand why I fell in, so I can understand and change the bad habits. But then I allow myself a piece of chocolate and other once in a while now, just not in the same quantities and just as often.

Now I control it myself and I believe in it. It’s also great to do without medication! Before lined every day I all the pills up, I had to remember to take. Now it’s me that controls it, not pills. But it is now, it is difficult, it is now the case. Now it everyday. “

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