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I just thought that I had five days to get ready for the match on Sunday against Arsenal

September 15th, 2015 | by Danish Association
I just thought that I had five days to get ready for the match on Sunday against Arsenal
Exercise & Fitness
Anders Egholm

Hobro defender Anders Egholm thinking in blodsukre before, during and after, he goes on the pitch. But if he had type 1 diabetes six years ago, he never doubted that he would continue his professional football career. Here he tells his story about diabetes.

By Helen H. Heidemann, journalist at the Danish Diabetes Association.
The interview is from the member magazine in February 2015.

“I started to lose weight. At first I thought it was because I forgot to eat. I was almost become a father for the first time, so it was more interesting.

I had not the normal energy for training and matches. Was enormously tired quickly and was completely smashed when we had a training exercise. Thought so it was a virus of some sort, because I was no better. I was very thirsty and remember how I was looking forward to having to have a huge glass of water or soda – with sugar. Did not know that sugar was bad for me.

As a player you will be weighed once a week, and I lost me close to six kilograms in a month. Eventually I had no doubt that something was wrong. I called the club doctor, who told me to come and take some blood tests, and that it could be diabetes. I had a blood sugar level of about 30th

It was a Tuesday – 14 October 2006. I was hospitalized at Kolding Hospital, but I had just remembered that I had to play against Arsenal on Sunday. It was as if I had pain in the calf or thigh and had five days to get ready for Brøndby struggle. How I thought. It was not really up to me. I called the manager and said that I just had to check, so I was ready.

I told the nurses that I had to play the match on Sunday. It said that I could, and I quickly found out that they were right. I could not.


  • Anders Egholm, professional football player
  • 31 years old
  • Defender of Hobro in the Super League. He has previously played for Esbjerg, Herfølge, SønderjyskE and Randers
  • Got type 1 diabetes in 2008
  • Married, two children 6 and 4 years, and have a third child on the way

I was in the hospital for three or four days, was put in insulin therapy and learned to stab me.It was very strange. But I was quickly back on the training ground. I played two weeks, but it was not that I played very well. I played for SønderjyskeE in Haderslev then, but I had not the same forces – had lost so much muscle in the thighs and buttocks. I had a huge formdyk, and it took me half a year to hit my normal good level.

It meant a lot that I came along so quickly and that the coach gave me some rope. It was a big plus and nice for me to feel that there was support. It also did that I felt so ill, as we are often really is, when you have diabetes. How I have it still. I do not feel sick. I think it’s healthy not to make themselves sick when you have diabetes. Do not know if it’s right said, but that is how I feel.

I have not had such a real downturn due to diabetes, but it is a nuisance – all the things you need to remember all the time. On a nice summer day, where I run around in a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or just enjoying myself with friends, I still have all that gear with.

I take many blodsukre and think I’m bound to be well regulated – both for myself and my family, so I hopefully avoid complications.

I always knew that I would go on to play professional football in spite of diabetes. I try to stick with that my life does not have to change, and I believe that I can do everything I want. I have two – max. Three times – walked out of training because of discomfort. All in the squad, our doctors, physiotherapists and coaches know I have diabetes. They know that I can take a blood sugar during a presentation and still listen. We always have energy bars by weight bench and a glukagonpen (glucagon is a hormone that causes the blood sugar up), if I were to go into insulin shock, but I’ve fortunately never experienced.

Anders Egholm2

I am very aware of food and blood sugar before, during and after a match. It requires a huge focus. You get to the stadium, there are interviews, one is on, the adrenaline running – it affects blood sugar. I want to be around 7 when we come to the stadium. So I drink an energy drink and try to be around 10 during heating. After heating, I would like to be at about 12. It’s rare blood sugar drops below 12 during a match. I take my blood sugar during the break. If it’s 10, I take some sugar. After a fight, my blood sugar easily be as high as 18, but it is quickly down again because I spent so much energy and take insulin.

There are not many people who know what diabetes is. I knew even before I got it. But my teammates ask about it and it’s still fun when they will also measure blood sugar, when we sit in the bus or in the locker room. “

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