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Food plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes type 2

September 29th, 2015 | by Finnish Association
Food plays an important role in the treatment of diabetes type 2
Diet Guides

Nutritionist Eliina Aro, Diabetes Association

The aim in the treatment of type 2 diabetes are changes in dietary habits that promote a weight management, with attainment of better levels of blood fat and blood sugar, and better blood pressure values ​​and can also safeguard of the nutritional adequacy of diets. At the same time we try to aim at the fact that, despite the changes in eating, the patients can be satisfied.

Priority will be given to the patient’s weight because overweight for a few pounds for the weight loss – not to mention of several kilo – often has the same beneficial effects on all other aspects, without that they attached its a separate attention.

Eating habits can comprise the quality of food, quantity of food and other eating – related behavior perspectives. Weight management is a relevant solutions for change eating habits.


Principles of Healthy Eating

Recommendations for Diabetic food do not substantially deviate from what is recommended for the entire population. The same food is therefore suitable for the whole family. The rule of thumb is to eat a wide variety of different nutrients, for example, by utilizing the food plate (half board is filled with vegetables, a quarter of the potatoes, pasta or rice and the second quarter of meat, fish, egg or proteinaceous food to vegetarian cuisine).

The quality of the food material can be assembled in a few practice of law. Everyone can consider whether the matter is already in place in your diet or whether it is still something to improve.


Half a pound of vegetables per day

It is known that dieticians recommend about a half kilos of vegetables per day. This is calculated to this portion: root vegetables (except potatoes), berries and fruits. They provide plenty of vitamins, minerals and fiber and other protective nutrients, which are not yet known exactly.

Vegetables can be selected according to the season of the least expensive options, or they can pick up the the frozen vegetables from the grocery shops. Vegetables can be used as raw in salads or as cooked or grilled on its own or as part of a meal.

A suitable amount is about six own handful of vegetables per day, but you know that more is not certainly detrimental.


The priority is the whole grain puff-paste

Whole grain products – whole-wheat bread, cereals and other whole grain products are an incomparable source of fiber. They are recommended even in a population which have special need for more abundant fiber intake.

The recommendation is more or less impossible to implement, unless use mainly whole grain products. It does not of course mean that, for example, a lighter bread couldn’t be eaten. Breads is an excellent choice when the fiber is more than ten per one hundred grams of bread.

Food rich in fiber can contain in addition to a lot of vitamins and minerals and other beneficial compounds, all of which are not even known. Fiber helps blood sugar, control of blood fats and weight. Fiber rich food promotes bowel function.


Salt fewer

Reducing sodium intake has the key importance that examines the salt content of products which you can read already in the store. Most salt accumulates in breads, marinated meats and sausages, other meats and mature fish, as well as cold cuts and cheeses. You should choose uncooked and not flavored meat and fish.

Salinity is expressed in either the list of ingredients (eg, salt 1.2%), in which case it indicates the amount of salt added, or it may be declared like nutrient content of sodium (Na), when it also contains ingredients other than sodium contained in salt. By multiplying the amount of sodium in 2.5 times you can find out the salt content of the product.

Salt intake has a clear link with blood pressure: the lower is the content of the salt, the lower is the blood pressure. Reducing sodium intake you can gain also another essential effect: You can discontinue your medication for blood pressure only if the diet contains a dearth of salt and only for recommendations of your doctor.


Attention to the quality of the fat

It is important to give an attention to the quality of the fat. Hard fat contained in the fat saturated fatty acids increases the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream and thus increases the risk of coronary heart disease. The risk of coronary heart disease is reduced with the amount of saturated fatty acids, hard fats are replaced by polyunsaturated fatty acids containing soft fats.

The latest studies of butter replacement of rapeseed oil has been shown to decrease the amount of LDL cholesterol than ten per cent. The higher the level of LDL-cholesterol is, the more important it is to reduce the amount of saturated fat and hard to take care of access to soft fats containing polyunsaturated fatty acids.


Sufficiency of soft fat

Soft fat obtained by cooking food to be added to oil or margarine, dressings or mayonnaise and products, the manufacture of which have been used in animal fat instead of oil. Also, seeds and almonds contain soft fat.

Quality of fat product can be considered good, if less than one-third of the fatty acids are saturated, ie hard fat.

Fat is always as fattening, so also soft fat should be consumed in the amount of what, it should be regarded as reasonable. And don’t exceed it!


Hard fat less

Hard fat is in meats and meat products, butter, cheese, milk products as well as products which have been used to make a coconut or palm oil, or hydrogenated vegetable fat. The amount of hard fat may be reduced, inter alia, by choosing low-fat meats and meat preparations (for example, minced meat, with a fat content no more than 10 per cent) or using these products use a smaller amount.

Also, the hard fat can be found in the products made of cheese, the manufacture of which have been used hard fat instead of soft fat. A good choice is that a product of the fat contained less than one third of the hard fat.


Half a liter of non-fat dairy products

Intake of calcium may be important to safeguard the use of non-fat or low-fat dairy products – milk, sour milk, buttermilk or yogurts – a total of about half a liter a day.

If you use some milk products, e.g. only cheese, it must be eaten on a daily basis in a quite a large number, and it comes always as hard fat. If you do not use dairy products at all, calcium intake is necessary to ensure.


A little bit of sugar

Sweet products such as pastries, should be limited in our daily intake, since they often also contain plenty of fat. You should also avoid products that become susceptible to large quantities of sugar, such as sweets or soft drinks, or juices.

Tools for shopping

You should compare the various products in the stores. An easy way to find healthy food is to choose the Heart-labeled products. They are good to choice the products in their product group: there is always a dearth of salt and also fat quality is good.

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