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Courses for families

September 3rd, 2015 | by Danish Association
Courses for families
Living With Diabetes

Each year, Diabetes Association children, youth and their families to get on the course. It’s a big change for the family and the individual child when diabetes suddenly knocking on the door. For many families every day becomes more scheduled and structured, and the focus is in a period of blood glucose monitoring, insulin and carbohydrate counting.

Therefore, meeting with other diabetes families importance. This applies to both parents of the child or adolescent. On Diabetes Association’s courses are part of social interaction, collaboration and networking with others in the same situation in the city center.

Courses for children, youth, parents and siblings

Diabetes Association offers courses to families with a child with diabetes and for older children and adolescents with diabetes. The courses provide the framework for sparring with other families with a child with diabetes and teaching outside the hospital environment. It also creates courses fertile ground for socializing and networking among both children and adults.

What do I get out of participating?

The encounter with an equivalent of great importance when changing one’s daily life. We focus on making contact with the regional networks under Diabetes Association, so the participants have the opportunity for contact and follow-up also after the course when daily reports again.

Diabetes Association’s training is in addition to the training which hospital outpatient clinics offer. In any course participant diabetes nurses and dieticians, who also holds the professional teaching. For some courses, we invite external speakers – eg. doctors and psychologists – that address relevant topics for the course participants.

In the course list you can see Diabetes Association’s courses, which are aimed at children and young people with diabetes and families with a diabetic child. Click on each course and read what each course can offer you and your family.

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