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Breaking the taboo about sex

September 7th, 2015 | by Danish Association
Breaking the taboo about sex
Living With Diabetes

Many have no energy to do anything about a dysfunctional sex life, the answers in Diabetes Association study. Diabetes Association’s consulting director, social worker Signe Hasseriis, yet it appeals to break the taboo.

Signe _C1112aa
Head of Department Signe Hasseriis.

The article is from the member magazine in September 2014.

When 76 percent of those who have sexual problems do not receive treatment, and only 38 percent talking to the doctor about their difficulties, so it suggests a massive taboo surrounding sexual problems when you have diabetes, estimates consultancy manager at Diabetes Association, a social worker Signe Hasseriis .

– A thriving sex life is part of life, break the taboo and talk to your doctor and your spouse or partner about it, because in many cases there’s help available, she said.

The more than 800 members who participated in the Diabetes Association’s
survey, comes with many comments in their replies. Several participants said that they have given up trying to get a better sex life. They express that they do not have the energy or desire to do something about it. Diabetes fills it all – both for medical visits and in the daily, which also can be sequelae to take care of.

– The point is that a satisfying sex life can help you to a better quality of life and actually benefit your glucose control, says Signe Hasseriis.

Grants for Potency

Neuropathy (nerve damage) is for example an accompanying disease, which can cause reduced sensation and erectile dysfunction. Neuropathy can be caused by a high blood sugar for a long time, so it hangs a good glycemic control and the ability to have sex closely.

– How to get control of blood sugar levels, are some of the Diabetes Association can help. Have you as a man difficult to get an erection, we can also help to apply for subsidies for erectile dysfunction.Many are not aware of the option, but you have diabetes and have potency problems, then you may be entitled to recover its costs for erectile dysfunction – but only if you already get help with additional costs, says Signe Hasseriis.

– But it’s also a taboo to seek to recoup such an expense. I have seen members who do not want to informing local authorities of the need for erectile dysfunction and it’s a shame she says. Some issues, however, also Diabetes Association that they are older and that sex no longer have much impact. One even mentions that his marriage has improved after he and his wife have completely abandoned sex.

– Liver one well without sex, but intimacy, it is of course one’s own case. The most important is that one is happy with his life and not feel that you miss a satisfying sex life, if it is indeed important for one, says Signe Hasseriis.

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