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There is no turning back

September 23rd, 2015 | by Danish Association
There is no turning back
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Hermann got type 2 diabetes eight years ago. Weighed 115 kg before the U-turn, lost 30 kg and weighs today 85 kg.
Photo: Doceye

Hermann Christensen, 59 years old. Married to Ulla Wagoner. Both have lost their former spouses. Have an adult daughter and two adult sons from his first marriage. Living in Himmelev at Roskilde. Director of Trinity Hotel and Conference Center in Fredericia.

By Helen H. Heidemann, journalist at the Danish Diabetes Association.
The article is from the member magazine in May 2013.


Before the U-Turn

“I felt fine – except for back pain. I was also starting to think about how many healthy years, Ulla and I would get together. It’s great to meet the right one for the second time in his life, and we know you want to do the other than just sit on the couch together.

I had over the last 30 years taken a kilo each and every year, and I lost me, even though I did not eat much unhealthy. But I ate too much. I was also beginning to be nervous about whether it would last that I could regulate my diabetes only with diet.

I made a deal with my board and management group that I could participate in the U-Turn, and I gathered my staff and said that I would not be as visible the next six months. It was a difficult decision. ”

Hermann runs several times a week between Roskilde and Fredericia, where he works. But He also manages to get some exercise while running: he put the cruise control on and make bicycle exercises with his feet while.
Photo: Claus Bjorn Larsen


During the U-Turn

“It was panting for half a year, because I live in Roskilde and works in Fredericia. I had to resign myself all private and we saw almost no friends in the half year.

It was really hard to work out six times a week for two to two and a half hour each time. Beside we should walk 10,000 steps each day.On a normal day I walk 4,000 steps, then after a working and training hard, went Ulla and I also just a walk ten o’clock at night. I was really tired. Some days I just had to say: I can not push myself more.

The ride in the Pyrenees was a huge mental journey – more than a physical journey. Sometimes we said nothing to each other for hours, but just went and concentrated on our own thoughts and to look down, so we did not fall.

What I also learned from U-Turn, is to take one step at a time, when I face major challenges. It works”.


Wife: He’s got straighter back

“Hermann is a tall and handsome man, but now he is even nicer. He also got more energy, and even though he lacked confidence before, I can see that he goes a little straighter back today. But, I am probably most pleased about is that he does not back hurts more, for he dragged always around with a massage pad, and it’s gone now. It is a huge relief. Incidentally, I have even lost 11 kilos under way, but it’s never anybody will notice “.

After U-Turn

“I feel better today. It’s easier to get up and down the stairs, and I have experienced to give a lot of young rear wheel during some sports. It’s delicious! And I have no back pain anymore. It is a greater liberation than I could dream of. ”

My blood pressure, however, rose slightly, after I now typically “only” train four to five times a week and “only” a half hours. It really surprised me that it takes so much training in order to keep the medication for the door. For Christmas I also took four kilograms on because I did not care what I ate. I got a shock – so next Christmas I think about me.

I exercise before I get home at 21 o’clock. It can only be done, because I have a tremendous understanding wife, and because I have been through the U-Turn, because I had never ever bothered train at seven o’clock in the evening after work. But there is no way back. I have received full support from both my employer, my staff and my wife, so I can not allow myself to relax things. That must not happen. “

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