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Saccharine – classic sweetener

September 16th, 2015 | by Czech Association
Saccharine – classic sweetener
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Saccharin, from chemical point of view, is a benzoic acid, synthetically produced from toluene. As sweetener is usually used a sodium salt thereof. For people who are not oriented in chemistry this may sound horrible, but in fact it is basically harmless pure white powder, about four hundred times sweeter than sugar.

Saccharin was discovered by chance in 1878 at the University of Baltimore, USA. In the following years of the 19th century it was patented process for its production, and a number of other substances, the sweet taste gradually comprehensively tested for health. In these tests, saccharin passed and began to be from the early 20th century, the world’s commercially used as a sweetener. Saccharin name is also derived from the name of sucrose, a sugar.

One of the first major supporters of saccharin was the 26th president of the United States Theodore Roosevelt. He survived his statement: “Anyone who says that saccharin causes damage to health is an idiot.” President Roosevelt was a straight man, who became famous for his energetic nature and range of interests and achievements.

Saccharin has been used since the beginning of not only diabetes, but also healthy people, who for some reason wanted to limit consumption of sugar or sugar which was unaffordable commodity. One kilo of saccharin was able to replace almost half a ton of sugar. Saccharin is independent of agricultural production was at the disposal even during the world wars, it was cheap, available, has been widely used, traded and smuggled.

Like every successful thing, of course, saccharin and its enemies and opponents. Deadly enemies as manufacturers of sugar and sweets. Already in 1912, it had to come, official statement that saccharin is not harmful. Further controversy arose at the end of 60 years of the last century, and again ended in an official statement that saccharin is not harmful.

Early 70’s of the last century in US laboratory rats fed high doses of saccharin and consequently saccharin was associated with the development of bladder cancer in rodents. Then the US would have to be products containing saccharin bear a warning label. But as already in the past, no suspicion about the harmful effects of saccharin was not confirmed and so after 2000 was again officially confirmed that saccharin is not on the list of substances potentially harmful to human health.

Unfortunately, despite the reality there are still plenty of people having various personal reasons compulsion repeatedly to haunt the alleged harmful effects of saccharin. The average consumer might suffice to note that saccharin is huge quanta used in most countries of the world, including most developed countries such as the United States and Germany, and it is currently the country that have the best health care and whose inhabitants are living the high life.

Saccharin as a tabletop sweetener has virtually universal use in households, for example, is perfectly suited to sweeten coffee and tea. People who used to read the content labels of products will undoubtedly know that saccharin is present in many products of daily consumption, when his presence most people do not realize, for example, chewing gum, soft drinks, toothpaste, pickles and many others.

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