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Overview of the sweeteners (Part II)

October 1st, 2015 | by Veronika Václavková
Overview of the sweeteners (Part II)
Diet Guides

Each country has their own idea what is the best solution for people with diabetes. You can read the ideas of some countries and choose the one which suits the best for your everyday life!



In diabetic patients, as well as the rest of the population, should be used to a regular sugar for sweetening and using the other energy sweeteners only in slightly amount up to 50 grams per day. Ordinary sugar (sucrose) does not rise blood sugar more effective than other carbohydrates which are hidden in food. Energy-rich or blood sugar rising sweeteners are (sugars and sugar alcohols):

  • cane sugar or ordinary sugar (sucrose)
  • grape sugar (glucose)
  • fruit sugar (fructose)
  • Sorbitol E 420
  • Mannitol E 421
  • Maltitol E 965
  • Xylitol E 967
  • Erythritol E 968 – contains less energy than other sugar alcohols.

Sugar alcohol is not absorbed completely, so that their ability to rise blood sugar is less severe than ordinary sugar. Sugar alcohols cause many stomach problems, and therefore can not be used in large quantities at once.

The most used sweeteners in Finland are:

  1. Aspartame
    2. Acesulfame
    3. Saccharin
    4. Steviolglycosides – Stevia
    5. Cyclamate
    6. Thaumatin
    7. Neohesperidine


Great Britain

Use of sugar needn’t be outlawed for people who are diabetic, but keeping sugar intake to a minimum is certainly recommended. Doctors in GB say that you should remember: A diabetic diet need not be 100% sugar free. Balance is the key. The most used sweeteners in GB are these:

  1. Aspartame
  2. Lactitol
  3. Malitol
  4. Mannitol
  5. Saccharin
  6. Sorbitol
  7. Stevia
  8. Xylitol

Something more:

  • Saccharin – Saccharin is often used in both hot and cold foods as an artificial sweetener. Saccharin, despite initial concerns over its carcinogenic affects, has been approved as a safe and effective sweetener.
  • Aspartame – Aspartame is an artificial sweetener that can be better employed in cold foods. Depending on the type, higher temperatures can decrease its sweetening effects. Popular brands include NutraSweet and Equal. Aspartame has been in the media spotlight recently in regards to its safety.
  • Acesulfame Potassium – Acesulfame potassium (also called acelsufame-K), is another type of low-calorie sweetener suitable for diabetes sufferers. The sweetener can be used in cooking because of its ability to resist heat. Sweet One and Swiss Sweet are both based around this sweetener.
  • Sucralose – Sucralose is the most recent low-calorie sweetener around. The sweetener is not affected by heat and generally retains its sweetness in cooking or hot drinks. Splenda is based on Sucralose.

UK’s top 3 artificial sweetener brands:

  • Canderel – which contains aspartame
  • Splenda – which contains sucralose
  • Sweetex – which contains saccharin



Sweetening can encourage increased energy intake and result in reduced glucose tolerance, thus helping to promote precisely the problems that you had to originally solve.

Sweetener Erythritol appears to be one of the preferred alternatives. Erythritol occurs naturally in small quantities in some fermented foods. It is not determined any ADI, then there is no proven harmful effects of the drug. On the contrary, studies indicate that the substance could have a beneficial effect in people with type 2 diabetes, as it may reduce oxidative stress and improve the function of the cells that cover the inside of the blood vessels. There is no evidence any harmful effects of the drug. ADI is set at 4 mg / kg body weight. A study on the rats suggests that stevia could improve insulin sensitivity. Both erythritol and stevia could good options for people with diabetes.

The most known not energizing sweeteners in Norway (acesulfame K, aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin and sucralose, stevia).

The energizing sweeteners (Sukrin, polyols, fructose and glucose syrup) cause rising of blood sugar and they have some calories. Both ordinary sugar, fructose and sugar alcohols (ending in – ol) gives 2,5- 4 calories per gram. Regarding fructose you should not eat more than 30 grams daily, which represents approximately 3 tbsp.



In Sweden experts recommend the organic sugar, it is the best for people which have a problem with accepting the sugars in their organism because of insulin resistance. If you have a taste for something sweet you should use the sweet alternatives, like blackstrap molasses, date sugar, natural cane sugar, maple syrup or honey in the acceptable daily amount.



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