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“Night work requires control”

September 8th, 2015 | by Danish Association
“Night work requires control”
Employment & Benefits

It requires a tight schedule planned sleep, exercise and a carefully measured diet nurse Glennie Green fit both his night shifts and its type 1 diabetes.

By Michael Korsbæk, journalist Diabetes Association
Photo: Martin Dam Kristensen


When Glennie Green a couple of years ago saw an unprecedented thirst and urinate in daily life, she knew that it could be a sign of diabetes. She worked at the time in a hospital ward, where she also had contact with diabetics, so she could recognize his own symptoms from the patients she took care of the work.

Glennie 1
When Glennie Green is on night duty, where she fits a child with disabilities, measure she added blodsukre and eat the “coolest carbohydrates I can muster,” she says.

– I had a feeling that one day when I came to work on fasting and took a blood sample. It showed a blood sugar of 22, and I thought it was mega-unfair that I should have diabetes, there is no one in my family who have the disease, she says.

Glennie Green had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and was put on insulin therapy immediately. Today the 34-year-old nurse no longer employed at the hospital, but has founded his own company, KONEKT offering coaching, health and alcohol treatment.

A balancing act

Nevertheless, she still take great account of his diabetes, the next business suit she several times each week a disabled child on night shifts. This places great demands on her control of diabeten.

– It’s a balancing act to hit a blood sugar, which I neither too high nor too low. When I have night shifts, I take my insulin in the morning, as I usually do, and I’ll eat breakfast of the coolest carbohydrates, I can offer. This is to ensure that I can sleep at least six hours without coming to lie low and no, I have to get up to urinate because it is too high. I need six hours of sleep, is the recipe from Glennie Green to clear a weekday night work, as many diabetics have difficulty with.

Nattevagt are running from 22 o’clock to ten o’clock the next morning, making it necessary for Glennie to be very strict with themselves to keep his table of food, insulin and sleep.

– How one morning with a night watchman, I eat like a carrot, a piece of rye bread with low-fat cheese and holding back on the liquid from eight o’clock, so I do not have to get up to pee when I sleep. If I want to sleep for eight hours, I put the alarm clock, get up and eat a carrot or a piece of crispbread more before I lie again, she explains.

Besides the tight control of food, water and sleep runs Glennie Green every day, because “it takes just the top”.

– I listen to the body, it does not react the same way every day, so I have an eternal accounts running in her head. But I care about it, so I have a little competition with myself for putting best with blood sugar, says Glennie.

Glennie 2

Diabetes gave me new life

It has been necessary for the nurse to restructure his lifestyle dramatically after she was diagnosed with diabetes: She does not smoke anymore, play golf and talk a lot with her two children and her husband, who is a trained chef, the food, health and exercise.

– I am as sorry that I can not eat so much candy that I wanted, but it’s about to go to find what motivates one. For me the future with my family as healthy, which means that I can follow my schedule, says Glennie Green, which recognizes that the care of diabeten almost become a way of life for her:

– I do not think I would have been so active and healthy life if I had not got diabetes. One should not delude itself into thinking that there is an easy way, but if you take care of your disease, you can live well and have lots of energy. One might as well go up in it, for it is here to stay, says the self-employed nurse.

Her life with site visits and interviews means that she can organize his breaks and take the time to eat six meals a day and night shifts at the disabled child is always quiet and tranquil. It is Glennie Green well aware is not the case for the colleagues she has, which is still at the Regional Hospital Silkeborg. Here, a night watchman not always be predicted.

– I can call after I know my vigil is quiet. Yet I measure blood glucose eight times every day when I work at night, when I might only take five measurements on a normal day. But as I also know the disease, so I know how my blood sugar is, if I get eaten all my meals, she explains.

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