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I was ready for a change

September 23rd, 2015 | by Danish Association
I was ready for a change
For Patients
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Linda got type 2 diabetes by U-turns start. Weighed 105 kg before the U-turn, lost 30 kg and weighs today 75 kg.
Photo: Doceye

Linda Bak, 52 years old. Single, lives with her 19-year-old son Alexander in Charlottenlund. Working as a teaching assistant at the germ of Joseph Sisters School in Charlottenlund.

By Helen H. Heidemann, journalist at the Danish Diabetes Association.
The article is from the member magazine in May 2013.

Before the U-Turn

“I was aware that I would not live long if I continued the lifestyle I had. I felt horrible. I could not even walk 200 meters. I had no conditioning what so ever. As a heart patient, I had gone to rehabilitation, and it was frightening that some of the other patients who were much older than me, were in much better shape. Should it really be true that I then, as 51-year-old was so bold and in such bad shape? ”

During the U-Turn

“I was always the last one – always the one who went back. I was the weakest link all the time, and I felt very bad about this. I was often cramps, pain in my lower back and especially in my knees. It took a really long time before I could feel that I was making progress.

– When my boss said me that I would have back 100 percent up, so I joined the U-Turn. The support from my workplace has meant everything, says Linda.
Photo: Claus Bjorn Larsen

I was a real exhausted and was “Linda four years” many times. Chris pushed me often to just “take a trip to”, and as I stood in the middle of it, I often think that now bother me is no more … Today, I am deeply grateful to Chris and many others kept my nagging and whining out.

In the Pyrenees, I got really, really bad and got implanted a new preventive stent (a small metal mesh that is placed in the constriction of the vein to keep it open, ed.). So I would not get a blood clot. I was also sent home as a precaution. The home I worked on and I think I would be able to implement the Pyrenees today. ”

After U-Turn

“When filming ended, I thought: YES! The first month I headed the training itself, but I was too lazy and took quickly some kilos. Chris got off me, fortunately not. I still have close contact with him and is now training with his assistant, Mette, three times a week.

If I can continue like this, I’m going to live as long as everyone else, I think. If I destroy what I have achieved, it is really stupid. I have set myself to work out five days a week, when it all ends, preferably together with a friend.

I need to lose 15 kg, but still have not gotten used to that I am much slimmer. In the shops I go still for clothes in size. 54 before I remember that I must be in the light department with str. 42. I am ready for a makeover, both myself with my clothes, my hair, my style in it general – and my home. I have not found the new Linda yet.

I was also depressed in the beginning, but the more I lost myself and in better shape, I got, the better I got it. But what matters most to me is almost that my son said, “Mom, I’m so proud of you” and gave me a big hug when he had seen the first broadcast. He is glad he can be allowed to keep me. ”


Head: a completely different person

“Linda’s doctor had urged her to join the U-Turn. She told me and I said I would support throughout. She had no zest or energy. It was only when one of the children sat on the lap of her that she shone up slightly. Linda is a completely different person today. The transformation is complete. ”


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