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I sweeten, You sweeten, We sweeten

September 16th, 2015 | by Czech Association
I sweeten, You sweeten, We sweeten
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For a human who is working professionally with sweeteners about 20 years is sad when repeatedly learns that knowledge of sweeteners in the Czech population are poor, it means none. You can talk to anyone, even a university professor or a popular DJ, you always learn the same thing. Cautious trust of sweeteners based on lack of knowledge.

Almost everyone knows that there are some sweeteners but people are often unable to remember even the name of one of them.

People know that the sweeteners are used by diabetics. Almost you can see a diabetic in every family. But there knowledge ends. While medical capacities in the developed world are beginning to sound the alarm. He argues that we need to rethink the relationship with sweeteners. Spreads diseases, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. Trigger of these diseases are not fully known, but besides genetically conditioned factors here include stress, being overweight, and not the least sugar.

People consume large quantities terribly sweets and soft drinks. Open any cookbook in book form or release a television cooking show, and 99% sooner or later to read or hear the words, “And now add the sugar.” You can see this horror, he had won over sugar sweeteners? They would have to rewrite all the cooks in the world! It is much easier to say “do not use sweeteners instead.”

Medical advice is not to exceed the stated daily dose. Children and pregnant women should avoid rather sweeteners. Then it is safe to use sweeteners.

Few people know that non-caloric, or low-caloric sweeteners that are available to prepare meals and drinks are for 12 species only in Czech republic!

The oldest sweetener is saccharin. It was discovered 135 years ago and more than a hundred years, people sweeten with him all food and drinks. Occasionally we hear from the mouth of some advisers nutritionists warning against alleged side effects of saccharin. Impinge on the episode about 40 years old, which has now been explained and saccharin was completely rehabilitated. Apparently someone worth repeating old wive’s tales. By the way you know who’s in Czech consultant nutritionist? It’s anyone who so declare. No certificate of need.

Another often publicly known sweetener is aspartame. In the 90s of the last century it was almost a cult sweetener in social elite. Then it began to slander campaign. Never mind that it was mendacious. For proverb tells us that there is no smoke without fire, so there it was not a bit of truth. And poor aspartame is suffered on its good reputation.

Brief overview of sweeteners used in the Czech Republic, EU, US and other countries.

Acesulfame K – non-calorie sweetener discovered in 1967. The two hundred times sweeter than sugar.

Advantam ultralight sweetener – 20,000 times sweeter than sugar .. Restricted use.

Aspartame – low-calorie sweetener which is about 180 times sweeter than sugar. Thermally very low stable.

Aspartame-Acesulfame-K – sweetener popular in many countries. Two hundred times sweeter.

Cyclamate sweetener is known since 1937. Used in blends with other sweeteners.

Cyclamate-saccharin – excellent non-calorie sweetener especially popular in Germany.

Neohesperidine DC low-calorie sweetener with characteristic taste. Restricted use.

Neotame ultralight sweetener based on amino acids. Commercial use from 2003.

Saccharin classic sweetener. One of the most proven nutritional supplements.

Steviol-glycosides sweetness of 200 to 300 times higher than sugar. From natural resources.

Sucralose excellent heat stable sweetener 600 times sweeter. Popular in the US.

Thaumatin – low-calorie flavoring agent from natural sources. Characteristic flavor.


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