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I have become more courageous

September 23rd, 2015 | by Danish Association
I have become more courageous
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Anne-Mette got type 2 diabetes of 47 years. Weighed 80 kilograms before the U-Turn, has lost 17 ​​kilos and now weighs 63 kg.
Photo: Doceye

Anne-Mette Amtorp Burchardt, 49 years old. Married to Peter, has an adult daughter from a previous marriage. Living in Hedehusene. Working as a partner in the family firm Bech Distribution.

By Helen H. Heidemann, journalist at the Danish Diabetes Association.
The article is from the member magazine in May 2013.

Before the U-Turn

“I might as well put me in the grave when I got diabetes. I was really terrified when I got the message. I had a 15 minute conversation with a nurse who told me that I should eat healthy and exercise. Yes … but I could not find out for yourself.

My discipline that I could have won the Olympics with was to skip, cut corners. I touched me at all. When I came home from work, I ate always candy and chips. When my husband came home and said he trains in the gym to spin, I was pissed and laid me irritated on the sofa while I was waiting for, he came home to cook dinner for me.

I have gone to several of Chris’ lectures and always thought that everything would be much easier if you could get him home. Now I got the chance, because I knew I would not even be able to manage to change my life. ”

Anne Mette
Anne-Mette has thrown all her medications for his involvement in the U-Turn: diabetes pill metformin, simvastatin for high cholesterol and aspirin.
Photo: Claus Bjorn Larsen


 During the U-Turn

“I was very diligent in complying with my training and gave up everything – my nephew’s confirmation, a trip abroad with my parents for their golden wedding, everything.I’ve really been anxious to complete. Only when we were going to the Pyrenees, I doubted and had all sorts of fantasies about how I at least embarrassing way to come out of it all – maybe if I crashed the car and broke his leg?

But I found out that I could be a lot of things I did not believe was possible. We started walking on the treadmill quietly and built quietly up. The pace was all the time screwed up, and it moved and became better day by day. Many believe the project was extreme, but it was certainly not. I think on the contrary that the life I lived before, was extremely “.


After U-Turn

“My strategy is that we do not have unhealthy things in the house.Do we have it, I eat it. For my birthday, I had bought cookies that were not eaten and I devoured even the whole package the next day. So no – I can not control it just like that, but you have to forgive yourself when you fail. And then back on the horse.

I train four to five days a week and have been really happy especially to spin, as I do most next to the cycling and weight training.

I am a second Anne-Mette today. I have much more confidence and become better at saying no. If I get a challenge, I take it. Before I wondered how I could most easily get away with not doing so. I have become more courageous. You miss so many things, if not daring to do, and I missed plenty of my life. ”


Man: I have a new wife

“I have a new wife who looks better and resting in itself. That does not mean so much to me that her appearance has improved, although it’s great – but that she has no longer the lazy lifestyle, it’s really what makes a difference for me. But I’m glad that it’s Chris who has traveled with her, so I have been content to support and give her the freedom to do what was needed! ”


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