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Help us build the International Diabetes Association

August 10th, 2015 | by Veronika Václavková
Help us build the International Diabetes Association


Help us build the International Diabetes Association in your language. International Diabetes Association currently consists of more than 18 diabetes associations worldwide with a great scope. The aim of this association is to inform too many patients with diabetes and problems with this disease. All of this you could have comfortably in the native language of your patients and all of this information could be in an understandable form especially for the patient. This is why we take the articles of all members in transmission text and the articles are translated to the native patient’s language by the special program in cooperation with Google. So far, there were mistakes in the original articles, because the algorithms of the translations into the various languages are far from correctness. Thanks to Google and their online automatic editing, we have ability to correct these mistakes directly in the text. The program will appear when with the mouse or a finger touching the text. Help us and also your friends correct the mistakes in the translation so that the information, which you and your patients worldwide are receiving today or will receive in the future, was the most specific and the best for us.

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